About us

Lucie's Tale: Crafting Demeven Magic

Hey there, it's Lucie, the dog-loving wizard behind Demeven! Our adventure kicked off in 2011 when I adopted my furry friend Emily. I wanted the best for her, but the pet store offerings were, well, a bit ruff!

So, I decided to channel my inner fashionista and make stylish collars myself. But here's the catch – I had zero sewing skills! That didn't stop me, though. I stitched, unstitched, and restitched until I nailed it.

By the end of 2012, I realized other dog lovers were also on the hunt for paws-itively awesome accessories. Enter Demeven (inspired by the phrase "Jdeme ven" – let's go outside), and the rest is history!

During my uni days studying Political Science and International Relations, I met Eliska, who shared my love for colorful fabrics and, of course, dogs. We turned our frustrations with academia into creative energy, crafting Demeven's world of handmade, high-quality pet accessories.

Fast forward to 2019 – Eliska decided to follow her own adventure, but Demeven's spirit soared higher than ever. In 2022, we rocked the Interzoo tradeshow, proving our products were special. :)

And guess what? We now have over 30 fantastic B2B partners across Europe who couldn't resist our Demeven charm.

Our story's far from over, my friends! With your support and a sprinkle of Demeven magic, the journey ahead promises to be a howling good time!

With love and tail wags,

Lucie and the Demeven Crew