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Dog Bandana Navy

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  • Šátečky BANDANAS

A scarf is a stylish accessory for dogs.
It is suitable for both the city and the forest, where it will provide better visibility. We deliver the scarf including a nylon strap collar on which it is strung.
If you have an adventurer at home who is constantly exploring the world, you will find it useful that the scarf can be conveniently removed and washed in the washing machine.

You don't have to tie them so complicatedly, check whether they haven't loosened, and of course you can also attach a leash to them. It´s a great dog accessory all year round - not only do they look great, but they are also more distinctive and thus contribute to greater dog safety.

How to choose a size?

 The scarf can be ordered as standard in the following sizes:

  • S (length 21-32cm, width 2cm), scarf size 16 x 11cm
  • M (length 30-45cm, width 2.5cm), scarf size 22 x 15cm
  • L (length 37-60cm, width 2.5cm), scarf size 25 x 17cm
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