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Female Dog Panties Kelly

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We have concidered our customers wishes and designed our Female Dog Panties to be:

  • Beautiful
  • Breathable
  • Comfy Panties are made of cotton knitted fabric, so your dog will not suffer from intertrigo.

There is velcro fastening on the back, so you can easily wear your dog and panties are flexible around the weist, what makes wearing them very comfy.

 As every our product are the panties made in Cech republic, with love and in fair conditions.


How to use them?

You simply stick a women's intimate insert into the panties, a part of it is enough for smaller breeds, and then change it as needed.

We always recommend ordering at least 2 pieces of panties so that they can be washed and changed regularly.


How to choose a size?

We sew panties in the following sizes:


  • XXXS - Groin circumference - 30cm
  • XXS- Groin circumference - 35cm
  • XS - Groin circumference - 40cm
  • S - Groin circumference - 45cm
  • M - Groin circumference - 50cm
  • L - Groin circumference - 55cm
  • XL - Groin circumference - 60cm
  • XXL - Groin circumference - 65cm
  • XXXL - Groin circumference - 70cm
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